Black Friday Recap

People are constantly on the lookout for the best prices, especially during Black Friday. Clicking and clicking in search of the finest offers available online and everywhere. Although Black Friday began in the United States, most significant European stores now offer Black Friday offers, and the tradition has spread rapidly. This year, in particular, has been fantastic for our publishers and affiliates, delivering excellent results on the Grow network. 

What we noticed 

During the busy Black Friday week, we kept a careful eye on our affiliate programs. After writing our previous blog in our Black Friday blog series on the Seven Sins to Sidestep Before Black Friday, we kept an eye out for programs that were improving their programs utilizing the tips from our blog. We discovered that programs that updated their banners to fit the Black Friday theme and uploaded or optimized their coupon codes had a higher order value. We were glad to see that our tips were helping our affiliates make the most of the holiday season! 

Interested on how to optimize your coupon code? Read more here. 

Statistics in short 

Black Friday was a huge success for Grow by Tradedoubler, with a 230% increase in order value and 35% in conversions compared to the previous year. On the 23rd and 25th, we saw a tripling of order values from 2021. Our best-performing markets, France and Italy, saw at least twice as much growth in sales and order value. We’re thrilled with the results and can’t wait to see what the rest of the holiday season has in store for us. 

Growth during Black Friday 

Grow has reached yet another significant milestone during the Black Friday week. We have seen excellent results, as we were able to increase the income for our Grow clients this year. It has demonstrated to us that we are providing enormous value to SMEs, which is very important to the Grow team.  

Grow began small and is still a relatively new product on the market, at this moment having more than 1000 customers. Grow has demonstrated that affiliate marketing works quite effectively for smaller businesses as well. The team is ecstatic about the success and looking forward to expanding Grow’s reach in order to help even more small businesses succeed online. 

The end of Black Friday Week 

We had a fantastic Black Friday week this year, with huge rise in sales and conversions. While this has been fantastic, the year 2022 is not yet done. There are still the Christmas and New Year’s holidays ahead of us, and we can’t wait to see what they have in store for our affiliates!  

Interested in Grow? Please contact the Grow Support Team for further information and guidance on how Grow may help your business grow through affiliate marketing. 


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