Grow by Tradedoubler officially partners with Uncapped

We’ve partnered with Uncapped, who specialize in transparent and easy access to funding for start-ups and small businesses for their marketing and business development spending.

Together we are offering an exclusive discount when you spend your capital on Grow’s services; if you are looking to expand and scale your business using our tried-and-tested affiliate platform, you will be rewarded with money back on your Uncapped loan.

How it works: 

Uncapped provides investment capital ranging from £100k to £10m repaid through a revenue share agreement or via a fixed monthly instalment, depending on the business’s needs. Uncapped charges a fixed fee on their capital between 2-8% of the loan amount, with the average fee being 6%. (This tends to be 1% of the overall fee paid back over a period of 6 months – merchants could achieve lower fees depending on risk profile)

Uncapped does not charge for applications, arrangements, or any other fees aside from the fixed fee (and there is no interest on the loan). This means that you will know the exact amount you will be paying back before you accept the offer.

The Grow Exclusive Discount: 

Through this partnership, the Grow fees will be discounted by 5% for any capital you spend through the platform.

The 5% discount applies to all spending through Grow’s services, including:

  • Commission payments to your affiliates
  • Tenancies you invest in with Grow partners
  • Platform subscription fees
  • Ad-hoc services you purchase with Grow Support

How are the terms decided? 

The terms of repayment and the amount of the quote itself is based on your own preferences, your business plan and the risk profile of your business.

The loan is repaid via a revenue share model, based on the gross revenue of your business. The standard rate of repayment is over a period of 6 months. Once the loans are repaid, you are free to walk away or take out a new loan.

You will be free to spend Uncapped capital on other business expenses, such as for other areas of marketing, or for inventory. Uncapped can also offer guidance on some of their other partners who would work well alongside your Grow program.

Requirements for applying to Uncapped: 

  • Limited Companies with at least six months of trading history (sole traders are not eligible)
  • Monthly sales of at least £100k of which +40% of purchases are online

To see if your business qualifies, complete the 3-minute survey here and Uncapped will get back to you within 24 hours to confirm your eligibility.

About Uncapped:  

Uncapped was established to address the fact that, for many small businesses, venture capital is simply not the best way to raise finance. Uncapped offers fair and flexible funding that can be used to finance a growing business without having to give up equity or take on the burden of traditional debt. Uncapped offers a fair and flexible alternative to venture capital that currently does not exist elsewhere in the European market.

Ellen Kemp
Grow Client Support Executive - UK and US Markets

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