Plan Today for Black Friday 2024

Yes, it’s May and you may think we’re exaggerating, but you’re really just in time to start a structured and planned strategy to make Black Friday 2024 a success.
At Grow by Tradedoubler, we understand the importance of planning to ensure success during this crucial e-commerce season.
In this article we tell you where to focus your affiliate program and marketing strategy in the months leading up to Black Friday to ensure a successful and effective Black Friday.

1. Create Valuable Content:

Content is the key to engaging your potential customers. Take advantage of this time to create quality content that generates interest and anticipation among your audience. At this stage you can rely on content affiliates, bloggers and influencers to spread your brand message effectively. Metapic and Savings United are an example of ideal affiliates for this stage, contact them and the other affiliates in these categories to find out how they can start working with your affiliate program.

2. Generate Leads:

Don’t underestimate the power of generating leads now. Use this off-season to capture the attention of potential new customers and build strong relationships that can be converted into sales during Black Friday. Grow’s “RUN” plan offers you the ability to create CPL programs where you pay a flat rate to your affiliates for each lead generated. Contact our customer service team for more information.

3. Optimise User Experience (UX):

The user experience is crucial to the success of any sales campaign. Your website needs to be on point, so spend time reviewing and optimising your website to ensure a smooth and seamless shopping experience.

4. Plan Your Budget:

It is important to plan your budget today to ensure you have the resources you need to execute an effective campaign that is on par with the best brands.  Set aside funds for advertising, promotions and other seasonal related expenses so that you can advertise with the most in-demand affiliates. If you have your eye on one of our top affiliates, it’s likely that you will need to make an investment to get them to promote your brand – talk to the customer service team to get an idea of what you need to invest in Black Friday.

5. Secure Your Stock:

Leave nothing to chance and make sure you have enough stock to meet customer demand during Black Friday. Communicate with your suppliers and plan your orders in advance to avoid inventory problems.

6. Strengthen Relationships with Affiliates:

Your affiliates are your key partners during Black Friday. Work on strengthening your relationship with them and offer additional incentives to motivate them to promote your products effectively during the shopping season.

7. Expand Your Affiliate Network:

The valley months are an excellent opportunity to expand your affiliate network and reach a wider audience. Work with deal, comparison and CSS sites to increase your visibility and reach new potential customers.


Don’t wait until the last minute to start preparing for Black Friday. With advance planning and a solid strategy, you can make sure you make the most of this massive shopping season – start now and set yourself up for success!

At Grow by Tradedoubler, we’re here to help you every step of the way to Black Friday!

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