How Tradedoubler can help you make money from your content

Using over 20 years of affiliate marketing experience, Grow by Tradedoubler can help you connect your content with hundreds of brands around the world – helping you open up unexplored revenue streams for your website.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a pay for performance marketing industry where affiliate partners (online content producers) across the web promote products and services for a vast range of vertical markets. 

Advertisers (brands) will then reward affiliates based on volume and quality of traffic sent by the publishers own marketing activities.  Rewards, in the form of commission rates, will be predetermined on actions for example: Driving a Sale, Generating a Sign Up, Registering for a Newsletter or Downloading an asset.

2,000+ advertisers

1,800+ active publishers

1.4b+ € revenue for clients

Why Tradedoubler ?

Foreword thinking technology and seamless payments

Our smart technology ensure reliable tracking and payments globally.  

The know how

Leveraging 20 years of experience affiliate campaigns , the Tradedoubler team are committed to helping your site grow.

The tools you need are in your hands

Our second to none platform manages your daily admin tasks so you can focus on aspects that matter – generating more traffic and driving sales.

Generate revenue your way

Tracking links? Voucher codes? Banners? Drive sales in a way that suits your content, we have you covered. Our range of intelligent tracking solutions are built to accommodate your needs – backed up by comprehensive reporting to allow you to enhance your approach.

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