Deep Dive: Understanding Our New Tiered Pricing 

Navigating Change: Grow by Tradedoubler's New Tiered Pricing Model

In today’s dynamic business landscape, the needs of enterprises are as varied as their visions. With the ever-evolving demands of digital marketing, change is the only constant. Recognizing this, we at Grow by Tradedoubler are thrilled to introduce our freshly minted tiered pricing model. This strategic shift, informed by our keen insights into the industry and invaluable feedback from our cherished clientele, is designed to cater more precisely to individual business trajectories. 

Our commitment has always been to ensure clarity, transparency, and to help our partners make informed decisions. We believe it’s essential not only to offer robust services but also to explain them in terms everyone can understand, from the novices to the veterans of affiliate marketing. This deep dive into our pricing aims to shed light on the reasons behind our adjustments, ensuring you comprehend not just the ‘what’, but the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of this transformative step. 

Meeting Varied Needs 

Digital marketing needs differ drastically across the board. A startup just venturing into the realm may not have the same requirements as a seasoned enterprise. Recognizing this diversity, our three-tiered system (Start, Walk, Run) ensures there’s a perfect fit for everyone. Whether you’re taking your first steps or are in full sprint in the digital world, we’ve got you covered. 

Introducing Our New Tiers: Start, Walk, and Run 

Our commitment to growth and adaptability has always been at the forefront of our service offerings. This tiered approach is not a mere pricing adjustment but embodies our dedication to meeting our partners where they are and assisting them in their unique growth journey. 

The new pricing model comprises three tiers, aptly named Start, Walk, and Run. Each has been meticulously crafted, keeping diverse business needs in mind. 

Start: Designed for newcomers or businesses just venturing into affiliate marketing, it’s priced at €59 per month. The commission or the “order on basket value” is set at 4%. This means for every transaction, Grow by Tradedoubler receives 4% of the transaction’s value as its fee for facilitating the sale. 

Walk: This is our intermediate tier, tailored for businesses that have some experience in affiliate marketing and are looking to ramp up their efforts. Priced at €99 per month, the commission here is slightly lower at 3%. The reduced rate signifies our commitment to offering more competitive rates as businesses grow and transact more. 

Run: This premium tier, priced at €199 per month, is for the seasoned players who have mastered the intricacies of affiliate marketing. With a preferential 2.50% network commission, we aim to recognize and reward their dedication and sheer volume of transactions. 

Beyond just pricing, each tier encompasses a rich tapestry of features. From real-time transaction validations and granular affiliate segmentations to varying support levels, our offerings are honed to dovetail with the essence of each tier. Additionally, as part of our ongoing commitment, we are constantly enhancing these features, ensuring they are both contemporary and efficient.

Anticipating Potential Questions: The Why, What, and How 

In the dynamic world of digital marketing, change is inevitable. But when that change is as groundbreaking as our newly introduced tiered pricing model, it is bound to elicit a myriad of questions, concerns, and curiosities. We understand that with newness comes uncertainty and potential apprehensions. 

Recognizing this, we are taking proactive steps to ease this transition for our valued partners. As part of our commitment to transparency and clarity, we are in the advanced stages of curating a detailed FAQ section on our website. This section won’t just be a cursory overview; it’s designed to delve deep, offering a lucid understanding of each tier, their respective benefits, and how they align with different business needs. From the mechanics of how the new model works to the reasons underpinning our shift, our FAQ aims to address a comprehensive range of queries. 

Furthermore, for those who have more intricate or specific concerns, our dedicated customer service team will be on standby, ready to assist and clarify. Our goal is to ensure that every partner, whether a newcomer or a long-standing collaborator, feels confident and informed about this transformative shift. 

In Closing: More Than Just A Change 

At Grow by Tradedoubler, we don’t merely adopt change for the sake of novelty or to follow a fleeting trend. Every decision, every pivot, stems from a deep-rooted desire to better serve our partners and catalyze their growth. This latest change is a reflection, a testament if you will, to our unwavering commitment to the success of every business we collaborate with. 

As we journey together into this new phase, our tiered pricing model stands as a beacon, signaling our dedication to fostering growth, enhancing value, and maximizing prosperity. It’s not just a new pricing structure; it’s a renewed promise. A promise that Grow by Tradedoubler is and will always remain a steadfast partner, ever ready to support, guide, and rejoice in each milestone, big or small, achieved by our collaborators. 

We are here, not just as a service provider, but as a partner in your journey towards unparalleled success. 

Paloma Romay

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