Empowering Businesses: How Grow by Tradedoubler Revolutionizes Affiliate Marketing for SMEs

Revolutionizing Digital Marketing: How Grow by Tradedoubler Empowers Businesses to Thrive

In the dynamic world of online commerce, establishing a robust digital presence and driving sales are crucial for the growth and sustainability of businesses, especially SMEs. However, navigating digital marketing complexities, particularly affiliate marketing, can be daunting without the right tools and expertise. Platforms like Grow by Tradedoubler have emerged as indispensable allies for businesses, offering comprehensive resources and strategies to navigate this landscape with confidence and success, all at low entry-level fees.

As part of Tradedoubler, a leading international affiliate network with over 20 years of experience, Grow ensures the best promotional options for both Advertisers and Publishers. Paloma and the dedicated team at Grow serve as guiding lights for businesses seeking to enhance their online visibility, amplify sales, and solidify their brand presence.

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Koroshi: From Ambition to Achievement

Koroshi, a leading fashion retailer from Spain, partnered with Grow to navigate the digital landscape effectively. Recognizing the importance of quality control and navigating the digital landscape effectively, Koroshi turned to Grow for guidance and support. Grow’s self-managed nature and easy-to-use platform, allowed Koroshi to have absolute control over the Publishers they wished to work with, as well as the way in which their brand was being advertised online.

Through strategic partnerships with renowned publishers such as Klarna, Letyshops, Velka Shopping, and Coupon Nation, Koroshi witnessed a remarkable 200% increase in sales and significant brand visibility enhancement. With Grow’s User Interface and detailed reporting, Koroshi gained valuable insights into customer preferences, tailoring ads for a more personalized touch and understanding what content was gaining traction and sales.

“The part we like the most about Grow is the simplicity with which you can create campaigns and the ability to approve the affiliates we are most interested in for our campaigns.”

Emilio Narváez, Ecommerce Manager, Koroshi Shop

Goboony: Redefining the Landscape of Holiday Rentals

Goboony, a motor-home rental platform, faced escalating customer acquisition costs. Thanks to Grow’s insights and network, Goboony saw a twofold increase in sales and a threefold surge in website traffic.

Going from barely a couple hundred visitors a month to reaching over 100k unique visitors each month, resulting in greater brand awareness and a substantial increase in sales. With Grow’s centralized platform, simple UI, and publisher accessibility, Goboony managed its affiliate marketing efforts independently, optimizing performance and streamlining activities. All this, whilst only paying for actual results.

“Grow by Tradedoubler offers a very clear overview of our performance and statistics. The platform is easy to use and allows us to update our promotions within a few clicks. Our interactions with the tradedoubler team have been great as they provided support and informative suggestions to optimise our performance.”

Ellaine and Antoinette, Business Development Managers, Goboony

At the core of Grow’s success is its performance-driven approach, ensuring clients pay solely for tangible outcomes achieved. With real-time analytics and actionable insights, Grow empowers businesses to create targeted campaigns that resonate with their audience. The symbiotic relationship between Grow and Tradedoubler’s expansive affiliate network ensures unparalleled ROI, solidifying Grow’s stature as a catalyst for growth and prosperity.

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