Empowering Digital Marketing Success: Discover the Latest Enhancements to Grow by Tradedoubler in Q1

The team at Grow by Tradedoubler is passionate about delivering an exceptional customer experience, constantly seeking ways to elevate the usability and effectiveness of our platform. The feedback and insights gathered during this time were invaluable, driving the continuous improvement of our platform. It laid the groundwork for the transformative updates we’re introducing this quarter, aimed at enhancing user experience, streamlining operations, and offering more flexible financial management solutions. This chapter serves as both a recap of our recent achievements and a segue into the exciting developments we have in store for 2024, reinforcing our commitment to innovation, excellence, and the success of our users in the dynamic digital marketing landscape.

  1. Update 1: Transition to Tiered Pricing

    As we unveil the latest enhancements to the Grow by Tradedoubler platform in Q1 2024, it’s pivotal to reflect on the strides made in the final quarter of 2023. The period leading up to the new year was marked by significant advancements and strategic successes, especially during the high-traffic Christmas season. Our revamped tiered system—Start, Walk, and Run—played a crucial role in empowering users to navigate the festive rush with tailored strategies, ensuring optimal performance and unparalleled growth.

  2. Update 2: Publisher Approval Access

    In our ongoing effort to streamline operations and enhance the efficacy of the Grow platform, we have significantly refined the publisher approval process. Now, publishers who apply to join the Grow program under the Start tier will benefit from an instant auto-approval mechanism. This innovation not only accelerates the onboarding process for new publishers but also maintains the high standard of quality and relevance that our platform is known for. By automating this process, we ensure that our advertisers can connect with a wide array of qualified publishers without delay, facilitating more efficient and productive partnerships.

  3. Update 3: ChatGPT in Grow Program Description

    We’re excited to introduce a cutting-edge feature that sets a new standard in program description creation: ChatGPT-powered narratives. Recognizing the pivotal role of compelling and effective program descriptions in attracting and engaging audiences, we’ve implemented a ChatGPT-powered tool designed to revolutionize how users craft their program narratives. This feature supports the creation of persuasive, high-quality descriptions in multiple languages, offering customization options to suit the unique needs and preferences of our users. Whether you’re aiming to inspire, inform, or connect with your audience, our ChatGPT integration provides the tools you need to create descriptions that resonate.

  4. Update 4: Cancellation of Program Closure

    Understanding the dynamic nature of digital marketing and the occasional need for strategic shifts, we’ve introduced a new feature that adds a significant layer of flexibility to program management. Grow users now have the opportunity to reassess the decision to close a program with a five-day grace period to cancel the closure request. This feature is particularly useful in fast-paced marketing environments where decisions may need to be revisited based on new information or changing circumstances. By offering this period for reconsideration, we empower our users to make more deliberate and informed choices, ensuring that every decision contributes to the long-term success of their digital marketing strategies.

  5. Update 5: Improved Media Management

    To ensure our platform remains at the forefront of user-friendly design and functionality, we have significantly upgraded our media management capabilities. With these enhancements, any program logos uploaded to the platform will now be automatically resized to the optimal dimensions of 350×130 pixels. Furthermore, we’ve introduced a maximum image size limit of 2000 pixels to maintain visual consistency across the Grow platform.

  6. Update 6: Enhanced Commission Management for Run Tier

    Understanding the need for granular control over promotional strategies, we have introduced new functionalities specifically for our Run tier customers. These enhancements allow for the setting of scheduled start and end dates for commissions, granting users unparalleled control over their promotional timelines. This level of customization ensures that Run tier customers can optimize their marketing campaigns with precision, adjusting their strategies to align with specific marketing objectives, seasonal promotions, or any other time-sensitive events. This enhancement underscores our commitment to providing sophisticated tools that cater to the dynamic needs of digital marketers.

  7. Update 7: Improved Program Overview and Tracking

    An updated tracking link generator was introduced, allowing clients to create publisher-specific links, streamlining the tracking process and enhancing accuracy.

These updates collectively reflect Grow by Tradedoubler’s unwavering commitment to delivering a platform that is not only transparent and efficient but also tailored to meet the evolving needs of our diverse user base. We’re dedicated to ensuring that every feature and functionality enhances the digital marketing journey, making it more seamless, productive, and ultimately, successful.


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