Evolving with You: A Deep Dive into Our Upcoming Changes

At Grow by Tradedoubler, we've always been steadfast in our commitment to adapt, grow, and cater to the dynamic needs of our clientele. As we step into a transformative phase, our pricing model is evolving, but that's just a part of the exciting journey ahead. 

A Brief Background of Grow by Tradedoubler

From the beginning, our mission has been to nurture businesses, assist in expanding their reach, and optimize their sales potential. Our ethos of maintaining a consistent feedback loop with our customers has shaped the platform you know today. 

Reflecting on the Past 

In the early days of Grow, our mission was straightforward: Provide our customers with unparalleled tools and resources under a simple pricing framework. This led to our ‘one-price-fits-all’ model which consisted of a fixed subscription fee and a 30% override, on top of the publisher commission It served its purpose, streamlining our operations while ensuring transparency. 

However, as the needs of our customers evolved, we realized that a one-size approach might not be the perfect fit for everyone. Back in March, we introduced a pivotal change: a 3% commission based on your order value. This move was rooted in our commitment to pure performance and overall clarity, with an intention to better align our growth with yours.  

Platform Enhancements: The Next Leap Forward 

In tandem with the incoming pricing changes, we’ve been chipping away behind the scenes, refining our platform based on your feedback and our vision. Here’s a sneak peek: 

New User Interface: Our UI is getting a makeover! Prepare for a sleeker, more intuitive experience that brings everything you need to your fingertips.

Inbox Revolution: Communication is key. That’s why we’re launching an integrated inbox feature. Advertisers and publishers can now communicate seamlessly, all from the same dashboard. We heard your request, and we’re delivering. 

Towards a Tiered Tomorrow  

Very soon, we’re launching a 3-tier package offering. Why? Because we acknowledge that our customers are diverse, each with unique requirements and objectives. By introducing tiers, we’re letting you select the optimal features-set and level of support you need at a price point that aligns best with your goals, ensuring that you derive the most value from our platform. 

Why These Changes Matter 

Change, particularly in the realm of business, is never enacted without reason. For Grow, the driving force behind our evolution is clear: Our commitment to nurturing your growth. Whether it’s through more transparent pricing, platform improvements, or a combination of both, every decision is a testament to our dedication. 

The countdown has begun, and we’re bubbling with excitement to roll out these enhancements. In the coming weeks, the full spectrum of our updates will be unveiled. Stay tuned, as this evolution promises to be a game-changer! 

Anita Szymczak

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