All You Need to Know About Grow by Tradedoubler’s Exciting Transition to Tiered Pricing and a New Platform 

In the ever-evolving digital world, staying static is not an option. That’s why Grow by Tradedoubler is pushing the boundaries once more, introducing an innovative tiered pricing model and a revamped platform to keep you always a step ahead. 

Embarking on a New Digital Adventure with Grow Start 

Remember the thrill of starting something new? The first steps in a journey? With Grow Start, priced at a competitive €59/mo, you’re setting out on a promising digital adventure. Beyond the numbers and features, it’s about the experience — a smooth, hassle-free introduction to our self-managed platform. The magic? You get a free trial for the first month, meaning you can test the waters without diving headfirst. 

In this tier, you benefit from a 4% Grow Commission, affiliate commission calculated as a percentage with a minimum requirement, access to 1 program, a 10% cancellation limit, and a swift 15-day transaction validation processing time. With automatic affiliate approval, you’ll have everything you need to kickstart your digital journey. It’s a great way to start, as your program will be managed without much of your input, and affiliates are approved automatically, allowing you to work with various marketing channels without much hassle. We want to emphasize that we verify and maintain a vigilant watch over all publishers who join our platform, ensuring a secure and conducive environment for everyone involved. 

While telephone support isn’t available, you can count on email support with a response time of up to 48 hours. If the opportunity arises, you can also use the option to send a newsletter. If you need to make changes, upgrading is always an option. You’re not locked into a single tier; you have room to evolve. If you ever need to make changes, upgrading to a higher tier is always an option. This flexibility allows you to adapt your strategy and grow as your digital adventure unfolds. 

Moreover, an Introduction Call is always provided to ensure you have everything you need to start your adventure. So take the first step, enter the digital world, and start your journey with Grow Start. 

Taking Steady Strides Forward with Grow Walk 

Some say the journey matters more than the destination. At €99/mo, Grow Walk is for those who are all about pacing themselves, enjoying every moment while steadily advancing. It’s more than just a middle tier; it’s a promise of consistent growth. You’re not just walking; you’re striding, with enhanced features that boost your strategy and keep you ahead of the curve. Imagine being promoted in our newsletter, a feature unique to this tier, positioning your brand right in the spotlight. Your brand’s visibility is crucial to your success, and Grow Walk understands that. 

As a digital advertiser, you understand the value of versatile earning potential. With a 3% Grow Commission and flexible affiliate commission calculated as a percentage with a minimum requirement, you’re well-equipped for substantial progress, regardless of your niche or industry. 

In this tier, you have access to 1 program, a 20% cancellation limit, and a comfortable 30-day transaction validation processing period. While batch transaction processing is not a feature of this tier, you’ll appreciate the convenience of unlimited commission segments. 

You’re all about efficiency, and this tier’s automatic affiliate approval process aligns perfectly with your goals. You not only save time but also gain the flexibility to review potential partners before approval. The system efficiently onboards them within a reasonable 4-day timeframe, so you maintain full control of your partnerships. You’ll also have the flexibility to engage with up to 3 account users, ensuring that your team can collaborate seamlessly. No more bottlenecks or delays in decision-making; you’re always in sync with your team. The ability to send up to 250 InMail messages every month ensures smooth and efficient communication with your affiliates. Stay in touch, share updates, and keep your network thriving. 

For your support needs, email support is available with a rapid response time of up to 24 hours. Additionally, telephone support is available whenever our agents are ready to assist, ensuring you have the support you need when it’s accessible. 

In a cost-conscious world, the Grow Walk tier is the optimal choice. The tracking implementation fee is just €100, making it a cost-effective selection. Whether you’re starting your digital journey or optimizing your strategies, you save where it matters. An introduction call is included to ensure you’re well-acquainted with the platform. And if you ever wish to make changes to your package, there’s always an option. 

So, if you’re looking for a recommended choice that strikes the perfect balance between growth and support, Grow Walk is the ideal selection for your digital success. Begin your journey with confidence and experience consistent progress in a reliable and dynamic environment. Your success story begins here. 

Sprinting Towards Digital Excellence with Grow Run 

For the pace-setters, the trailblazers, the ones who want nothing but the best — Grow Run is your calling. Priced at €199/mo, this tier isn’t just about speed; it’s about momentum, depth, and excellence. Dive deep with bespoke reporting, unravel insights that matter, and optimize like never before. You’re not just running; you’re soaring, with unrestricted platform access and unparalleled features. And, with no setup fees, we’re right there, cheering you on, ensuring you sprint without hitches. 

It combines unmatched value and capability to empower your success. With a competitive 2.5% Grow Commission and the flexibility of affiliate commission calculated as a percentage or fixed fee, this tier offers unparalleled earning potential. You’ll have access to 1 program, a generous 20% cancellation limit, and a comfortable 60-day transaction validation processing period. 

What sets the Run tier above the rest is its inclusive features. Enjoy batch transaction processing, ensuring your campaigns run seamlessly. You have the freedom to create unlimited commission segments, allowing for dynamic and tailored approaches to your partnerships. 

With affiliate approval methods available in both manual and automatic, you’re in control of your partner onboarding process. Account users are unlimited, enabling efficient collaboration across your team. Whether it’s your marketing, sales, or analytics team, everyone can work together efficiently.  

Say goodbye to constraints on communication – you can send an unlimited number of InMail messages each month, ensuring you have the freedom to connect with your affiliates without any hindrances. This unrestricted communication allows you to foster stronger relationships, exchange crucial information, and drive your business forward. 

For those who prioritize top-notch support, we’ve got you covered. Our email support guarantees a same-day response time, the fastest in the business. Furthermore, our telephone support takes priority, ensuring immediate assistance when you need it most. In the fast-paced digital world, time is of the essence, and quick decisions are a must. With our same-day email support and priority telephone support, you can count on swift responses, empowering you to make critical decisions and real-time adjustments with confidence. 

This tier comes with a remarkable advantage: a free tracking implementation fee, reducing your initial costs. Starting a new digital venture can be financially challenging. The Run tier eases the burden with a free tracking implementation fee. Your initial costs are reduced, allowing you to allocate resources where they matter most. An introduction call is included to guarantee you start on the right foot. With newsletter inclusion featuring your brand, you’ll maximize your reach and visibility. You want your brand to shine, and the Run tier offers a featured newsletter inclusion to showcase your brand. Imagine your brand in the spotlight, reaching a broader audience and boosting your visibility. 

In a competitive digital landscape, the Grow Run tier is your strategic advantage. It’s the best option for ambitious advertisers who need a comprehensive solution that addresses real-world needs. With unmatched features and support, it’s the key to your digital success. Your journey to excellence begins here.

Why This Revamp is More Than Just a Change 

This transition isn’t about switching things up for the sake of novelty. It’s a commitment, a pledge to ensure that Grow by Tradedoubler continues to be synonymous with innovation, excellence, and reliability. Every tier, every feature has been curated based on feedback, insights, and the evolving needs of our diverse user base. 

Join Us in This Exciting New Chapter 

Change is the only constant, they say. At Grow by Tradedoubler, we believe in leading that change. Our new tiered system is not just an upgrade; it’s an evolution. We’re more than ready to embark on this exciting journey, and we’d love for you to join us. Together, let’s grow, walk, and run towards a brighter, more prosperous digital future. 


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