Why small businesses should use affiliate marketing

Whilst affiliate marketing is a great strategy for any business, it is especially valuable for small ones.

Marketing your business requires a lot of time, money and resources, that small businesses and start-ups lack in the early stages. Therefore, finding enough money to market a small business is one of the biggest issues faced.

The winning strategy? Affiliate marketing!

Affiliate marketing for small businesses 

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing where companies reward an individual or a company for sending customers their way. It is a sales strategy that any small business can use to scale.

Whilst affiliate marketing is a great strategy for any business, it is especially valuable for small ones. With limited resources (and sometimes not even a marketing team at hand), small businesses can use affiliate marketing as a form of outsourcing. It is a safe way to explore the marketing experience without needing a load of knowledge nor wasting unnecessary resources, as you only pay for sales after they occur. No investments are needed upfront.

What are the benefits for small businesses? 


Affiliate marketing is a cost-effective and safe way of marketing. Your marketing spending equals the outcome you get from your affiliate, truly a winning strategy for your business!

Outsourced Sales Team

As mentioned before, you can picture affiliate marketing as a form of outsourcing. Your affiliates will act as your sales team, promoting your products on their channels and leveraging their audiences. Whilst your affiliates do the heavy lifting, you can focus your resources on other important topics besides marketing.

Connect to new audiences

Each publisher you will work with already has an established audience. Affiliate marketing allows you to leverage your affiliates audiences and thereby expand your own. You will be able to reach audiences that were difficult to reach before and built your own broad audience in a short time.

Boost brand awareness

As you start reaching a much broader audience and the traffic to your business increases through your affiliates, your brand awareness will expand accordingly. A boosted brand awareness will not only make you more recognizable and therefore appear more trustworthy to consumers, it will also help you to enlarge your loyal customer base in your market.


Affiliates bring you leads, traffic and actual sales. Together, these help you expand your reach, grow your business, and rank you higher in search engine results which will lead to even more organic traffic in the long run.

Federico Bonavita
Digital Marketing Manager

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