How to identify the best publishers to help you grow your business

Building long-term relationships with the right publishers are fundamental to running a successful affiliate program.

Finding profitable publishers who also suit your brand can be challenging, but with a little research and effort, you will be able to recognise them. We provide you with some guidance on how to identify the right publishers for your brand.

What is a publisher?

Publishers or also called affiliates use their websites to drive traffic to your website/page on social media. The important thing is that affiliates deliver targeted traffic with a high conversion rate as their websites are usually dedicated to your niche and contain useful information for users. casinos.

How to identify the best publishers for your brand

Identify your KPIs

Starting with the basics, you should first identify your KPIs. What goals do you want to achieve and how? Once you’ve identified your KPIs, you can start to think about how affiliate marketing will fit into the mix and which publishers can have the right impact on those KPIs.

Research your audience

After identifying your KPIs, you should have a thought about whom you want to target. This will help you identify those people who have followers with similar interests as your target audience.

Research different publisher types

The next step is to research different publisher types and to evaluate how they can benefit your business. We have collected some information about the five most prominent publisher types for you:

  1. Loyalty and Cashback
    Cashback sites are website sites that use the commission they earn from the advertiser to pay a percentage back to their users.
    Main advantage:  High volume! Since customers receive cash back, they are willing to use loyalty and cashback sites.
  2. Retargeting and Remarketing
    Retargeting and Remarketing sites create advertisements that are shown to prospective customers based on their previous activities on the internet.
    Main advantage: Reaching potential customers that are already interested in your product.
  3. Voucher Codes
    Those publishers provide voucher codes and other promotions on their website that shoppers can use to receive a discount on your website.
    Main advantage: Raise awareness and reach new audiences.
  4. Content / Blogger / Influencer
    Blogger, Influencer and content sites focus on creating valuable, relevant, and authentic content to influence their loyal audience.
    Main advantage: Raise awareness, niche expertise and highly influential.
  5. Email Marketing
    As the name suggests email marketing publishers send content promoting your business to relevant audiences via email.
    Main advantage: Large reach

Research performance data

Once you have identified your publishers, you should not stop here. Look at the performance of your programs and analyse their value. Key facts to keep in mind are for example the repeat purchase behavior or the lifetime value of the customers brought by the specific publisher.

Federico Bonavita
Digital Marketing Manager

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