The 2021 guide to Holiday Affiliate Marketing Promotion

After the unprecedented last year, marked by the epidemic outbreak and changing shopping behaviors, the 2021 holiday season is the perfect opportunity to push retailers.

In this article, we have collected some tips for you to create a successful affiliate marketing strategy during the holidays.

Upcoming holidays

  • Single’s Day > November 11th
  • Black Friday > November 26th
  • Small Business Saturday > November 27th
  • Cyber Monday > November 29th
  • Hanukkah  > November 28th – December 6th
  • Christmas Holiday Shopping > December 2021

Yes, Cyber Monday and Black Friday are huge days for promotions, but you should consider unique ways to incentivize customers during the non-peak days as well. There are other days publishers can use to drive business during the holiday season, such as Free Shipping Day on December 14th or After Christmas Shopping on December 26th.

Review your previous holiday performance

Use performance statistics from previous seasons to identify the most effective affiliate partners and boost their commission rates to maximise your sales this year. Analyse for your business the following questions:

  • Who were your top publishers?
  • What placements were purchased?
  • What commission increases were extended?

Whilst it is important to analyse previous partnership, make sure you have a dedicated budget for testing new affiliates similar to your best-performing partners, or from a completely new category.

Communication and preparation are key

Identify the specials, promotions, and sales that your brand will run during the holidays and align these with your partners. The most important part of the planning process is communication. Make sure you are communicating your offers to your affiliate partners as early as possible, so they have enough time to plan. As a bonus, you can provide exclusive coupon codes or deals for your key affiliates so that they can offer their users an additional unique value.


When it comes to the holidays, the exact order of messages that you send and when you reveal which benefits “and reasons” to purchase the product becomes even more important. It is crucial to go ahead and make a clear goal about the timing and nature of each message and how you can personalise it for your audience.

Speaking of personalisation, make sure your product feeds are customized to the promotions you are running and maximized for your publisher’s audience.

Federico Bonavita
Digital Marketing Manager

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