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Small Businesses and Affiliate Marketing

How and why you should launch an affiliate program to attain your business goals, explaining commission models and potential partnerships.

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Why choose affiliate marketing for your 2022 marketing plan?

A mix of strategies for your 2022 digital marketing plan is key to maximising business opportunities. Incorporating affiliate marketing can be a game changer.

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Affiliate Marketing Trends 2021

Now, for 2021 affiliate marketing continues to prosper and grow. In fact, it is expected to grow by over 10% in the next couple of years. We take a look at the affiliate marketing trends for 2021.

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The 2021 guide to Holiday Affiliate Marketing Promotion

After the unprecedented last year, marked by the epidemic outbreak and changing shopping behaviors, the 2021 holiday season is the perfect opportunity to push retailers.

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Black Friday affiliate marketing guide

How your Business can use affiliate marketing to get ‘back to black’ this Black Friday.

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How to identify the best publishers to help you grow your business

Building long-term relationships with the right publishers are fundamental to running a successful affiliate program. We provide you with some guidance on how to identify the right publishers for your brand.

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Nurturing community spirit and accelerating development

Here at Grow, we strongly believe in the power of collaboration for accelerating the development of our businesses and publishing partners.

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Detecting the ideal affiliate marketing service for your business: Self-service platform vs. managed network?

In this article, we introduce you to the differences between a self-service affiliate platform and a managed network and share different advantages.

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